#003 Landing Page

October 29, 2016

Given the recent release of the new MacBook Pro, I decided to design a landing page for the product.


Prompt: “What’s the main focus? Is it for a book, an album, a mobile app, a product? Consider important landing page elements (call-to-actions, clarity, etc.)”

I’m not completely satisfied with the lower left panel (where the videos are shown). But I couldn’t seem to find an intuitive way to display the media without it looking clichéd. 😢

Didn’t want to waste too much time reiterating and thinking about how to improve this one panel. I may revisit this design in the future after I’ve completed more DailyUI challenges to see if I can improve upon it.

The MacBook Pro image was sourced from Medialoot Dribbble, who have kindly uploaded PSDs of the new MacBooks for free.

P.S. Also I can’t believe MBP prices have increased by £500 in the United Kingdom because of Brexit… 🙄