Determined by your ranking at medical school.

Additional Qualifications
Combination of additional degrees and publications.
See UK FPAS Handbook for more information.

Special Circumstances
Please refer to the UK FPAS Handbook for eligibility.

SJT Score
Select your university to show the mean SJT score achieved by students from the 2016 cohort, or leave it as default to show the mean SJT score for all applicants.

This is not an official website and simply a web experiment. Double check all content before applying as not all errors may have been reported. This page is set to refresh every time the form is updated. Please give it a few seconds while the statistics are being calculated.

The probability column is calculated based on the mean SJT score of 39.59 for 2016 Applicants (Overall) with a standard deviation of 4.04.

This means that you have a 68.27% chance of scoring between 35.55 - 43.63 on the SJT.

Therefore, you have a 68.27% chance of scoring between 69.55 - 77.63 on your FPAS Application.

Unit of ApplicationPlacesLowest allocated score in 2016Probability (68.27%)
East Anglia27472.17Average
North Central Thames31881.64Unlikely
North East Thames30177.88Unlikely
North West Thames25684.23Unlikely
North West of England81871.86Average
Northern Ireland25865.14Likely
South Thames79676.58Average
West Midlands Central18677.97Unlikely
West Midlands North25464.42Likely
West Midlands South16270.03Average
Yorkshire and Humber56866.35Likely

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Information on this page was sourced from: Foundation Programme 2016 Recruitment Stats and Facts.

Detailed breakdown of individual hospital requirements coming soon. (When I get around to collecting the data... Unless someone has them in an excel spreadsheet?)

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